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modprobe sound
insmod ad1848
insmod gus io=* irq=* dma=* ...
This loads the driver for the Gravis Ultrasound family of sound cards.
The gus module takes the following arguments
io I/O address of the Ultrasound card (eg. io=0x220)
irq IRQ of the Sound Blaster card
dma DMA channel for the Sound Blaster
dma16 2nd DMA channel, only needed for full duplex operation
type 1 for PnP card
gus16 1 for using 16 bit sampling daughter board
no_wave_dma Set to disable DMA usage for wavetable (see note)
db16 ???
no_wave_dma option
This option defaults to a value of 0, which allows the Ultrasound wavetable
DSP to use DMA for playback and downloading samples. This is the same
as the old behaviour. If set to 1, no DMA is needed for downloading samples,
and allows owners of a GUS MAX to make use of simultaneous digital audio
(/dev/dsp), MIDI, and wavetable playback.
If you have problems in recording with GUS MAX, you could try to use
just one 8 bit DMA channel. Recording will not work with one DMA
channel if it's a 16 bit one.