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* Marvell Dove SoC pinctrl driver for mpp
Please refer to marvell,mvebu-pinctrl.txt in this directory for common binding
part and usage.
Required properties:
- compatible: "marvell,dove-pinctrl"
- clocks: (optional) phandle of pdma clock
- reg: register specifiers of MPP, MPP4, and PMU MPP registers
Available mpp pins/groups and functions:
Note: brackets (x) are not part of the mpp name for marvell,function and given
only for more detailed description in this document.
Note: pmu* also allows for Power Management functions listed below
name pins functions
mpp0 0 gpio, pmu, uart2(rts), sdio0(cd), lcd0(pwm), pmu*
mpp1 1 gpio, pmu, uart2(cts), sdio0(wp), lcd1(pwm), pmu*
mpp2 2 gpio, pmu, uart2(txd), sdio0(buspwr), sata(prsnt),
uart1(rts), pmu*
mpp3 3 gpio, pmu, uart2(rxd), sdio0(ledctrl), sata(act),
uart1(cts), lcd-spi(cs1), pmu*
mpp4 4 gpio, pmu, uart3(rts), sdio1(cd), spi1(miso), pmu*
mpp5 5 gpio, pmu, uart3(cts), sdio1(wp), spi1(cs), pmu*
mpp6 6 gpio, pmu, uart3(txd), sdio1(buspwr), spi1(mosi), pmu*
mpp7 7 gpio, pmu, uart3(rxd), sdio1(ledctrl), spi1(sck), pmu*
mpp8 8 gpio, pmu, watchdog(rstout), pmu*
mpp9 9 gpio, pmu, pex1(clkreq), pmu*
mpp10 10 gpio, pmu, ssp(sclk), pmu*
mpp11 11 gpio, pmu, sata(prsnt), sata-1(act), sdio0(ledctrl),
sdio1(ledctrl), pex0(clkreq), pmu*
mpp12 12 gpio, pmu, uart2(rts), audio0(extclk), sdio1(cd),
sata(act), pmu*
mpp13 13 gpio, pmu, uart2(cts), audio1(extclk), sdio1(wp),
ssp(extclk), pmu*
mpp14 14 gpio, pmu, uart2(txd), sdio1(buspwr), ssp(rxd), pmu*
mpp15 15 gpio, pmu, uart2(rxd), sdio1(ledctrl), ssp(sfrm), pmu*
mpp16 16 gpio, uart3(rts), sdio0(cd), ac97(sdi1), lcd-spi(cs1)
mpp17 17 gpio, uart3(cts), sdio0(wp), ac97(sdi2), twsi(sda),
mpp18 18 gpio, uart3(txd), sdio0(buspwr), ac97(sdi3), lcd0(pwm)
mpp19 19 gpio, uart3(rxd), sdio0(ledctrl), twsi(sck)
mpp20 20 gpio, sdio0(cd), sdio1(cd), spi1(miso), lcd-spi(miso),
mpp21 21 gpio, sdio0(wp), sdio1(wp), spi1(cs), lcd-spi(cs0),
uart1(cts), ssp(sfrm)
mpp22 22 gpio, sdio0(buspwr), sdio1(buspwr), spi1(mosi),
lcd-spi(mosi), uart1(cts), ssp(txd)
mpp23 23 gpio, sdio0(ledctrl), sdio1(ledctrl), spi1(sck),
lcd-spi(sck), ssp(sclk)
mpp_camera 24-39 gpio, camera
mpp_sdio0 40-45 gpio, sdio0
mpp_sdio1 46-51 gpio, sdio1
mpp_audio1 52-57 gpio, i2s1/spdifo, i2s1, spdifo, twsi, ssp/spdifo, ssp,
mpp_spi0 58-61 gpio, spi0
mpp_uart1 62-63 gpio, uart1
mpp_nand 64-71 gpo, nand
audio0 - i2s, ac97
twsi - none, opt1, opt2, opt3
Power Management functions (pmu*):
pmu-nc Pin not driven by any PM function
pmu-low Pin driven low (0)
pmu-high Pin driven high (1)
pmic(sdi) Pin is used for PMIC SDI
cpu-pwr-down Pin is used for CPU_PWRDWN
standby-pwr-down Pin is used for STBY_PWRDWN
core-pwr-good Pin is used for CORE_PWR_GOOD (Pins 0-7 only)
cpu-pwr-good Pin is used for CPU_PWR_GOOD (Pins 8-15 only)
bat-fault Pin is used for BATTERY_FAULT
ext0-wakeup Pin is used for EXT0_WU
ext1-wakeup Pin is used for EXT0_WU
ext2-wakeup Pin is used for EXT0_WU
pmu-blink Pin is used for blink function
* group "mpp_audio1" allows the following functions and gpio pins:
- gpio : gpio on pins 52-57
- i2s1/spdifo : audio1 i2s on pins 52-55 and spdifo on 57, no gpios
- i2s1 : audio1 i2s on pins 52-55, gpio on pins 56,57
- spdifo : spdifo on pin 57, gpio on pins 52-55
- twsi : twsi on pins 56,57, gpio on pins 52-55
- ssp/spdifo : ssp on pins 52-55, spdifo on pin 57, no gpios
- ssp : ssp on pins 52-55, gpio on pins 56,57
- ssp/twsi : ssp on pins 52-55, twsi on pins 56,57, no gpios
* group "audio0" internally muxes i2s0 or ac97 controller to the dedicated
audio0 pins.
* group "twsi" internally muxes twsi controller to the dedicated or option pins.