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* Marvell Armada XP SoC pinctrl driver for mpp
Please refer to marvell,mvebu-pinctrl.txt in this directory for common binding
part and usage.
Required properties:
- compatible: "marvell,mv78230-pinctrl", "marvell,mv78260-pinctrl",
- reg: register specifier of MPP registers
This driver supports all Armada XP variants, i.e. mv78230, mv78260, and mv78460.
Available mpp pins/groups and functions:
Note: brackets (x) are not part of the mpp name for marvell,function and given
only for more detailed description in this document.
* Marvell Armada XP (all variants)
name pins functions
mpp0 0 gpio, ge0(txclko), lcd(d0)
mpp1 1 gpio, ge0(txd0), lcd(d1)
mpp2 2 gpio, ge0(txd1), lcd(d2)
mpp3 3 gpio, ge0(txd2), lcd(d3)
mpp4 4 gpio, ge0(txd3), lcd(d4)
mpp5 5 gpio, ge0(txctl), lcd(d5)
mpp6 6 gpio, ge0(rxd0), lcd(d6)
mpp7 7 gpio, ge0(rxd1), lcd(d7)
mpp8 8 gpio, ge0(rxd2), lcd(d8)
mpp9 9 gpio, ge0(rxd3), lcd(d9)
mpp10 10 gpio, ge0(rxctl), lcd(d10)
mpp11 11 gpio, ge0(rxclk), lcd(d11)
mpp12 12 gpio, ge0(txd4), ge1(txd0), lcd(d12)
mpp13 13 gpio, ge0(txd5), ge1(txd1), lcd(d13)
mpp14 14 gpio, ge0(txd6), ge1(txd2), lcd(d15)
mpp15 15 gpio, ge0(txd7), ge1(txd3), lcd(d16)
mpp16 16 gpio, ge0(txd7), ge1(txd3), lcd(d16)
mpp17 17 gpio, ge0(col), ge1(txctl), lcd(d17)
mpp18 18 gpio, ge0(rxerr), ge1(rxd0), lcd(d18), ptp(trig)
mpp19 19 gpio, ge0(crs), ge1(rxd1), lcd(d19), ptp(evreq)
mpp20 20 gpio, ge0(rxd4), ge1(rxd2), lcd(d20), ptp(clk)
mpp21 21 gpio, ge0(rxd5), ge1(rxd3), lcd(d21), mem(bat)
mpp22 22 gpio, ge0(rxd6), ge1(rxctl), lcd(d22), sata0(prsnt)
mpp23 23 gpio, ge0(rxd7), ge1(rxclk), lcd(d23), sata1(prsnt)
mpp24 24 gpio, lcd(hsync), sata1(prsnt), nf(bootcs-re), tdm(rst)
mpp25 25 gpio, lcd(vsync), sata0(prsnt), nf(bootcs-we), tdm(pclk)
mpp26 26 gpio, lcd(clk), tdm(fsync), vdd(cpu1-pd)
mpp27 27 gpio, lcd(e), tdm(dtx), ptp(trig)
mpp28 28 gpio, lcd(pwm), tdm(drx), ptp(evreq)
mpp29 29 gpio, lcd(ref-clk), tdm(int0), ptp(clk), vdd(cpu0-pd)
mpp30 30 gpio, tdm(int1), sd0(clk)
mpp31 31 gpio, tdm(int2), sd0(cmd), vdd(cpu0-pd)
mpp32 32 gpio, tdm(int3), sd0(d0), vdd(cpu1-pd)
mpp33 33 gpio, tdm(int4), sd0(d1), mem(bat)
mpp34 34 gpio, tdm(int5), sd0(d2), sata0(prsnt)
mpp35 35 gpio, tdm(int6), sd0(d3), sata1(prsnt)
mpp36 36 gpio, spi(mosi)
mpp37 37 gpio, spi(miso)
mpp38 38 gpio, spi(sck)
mpp39 39 gpio, spi(cs0)
mpp40 40 gpio, spi(cs1), uart2(cts), lcd(vga-hsync), vdd(cpu1-pd),
mpp41 41 gpio, spi(cs2), uart2(rts), lcd(vga-vsync), sata1(prsnt),
mpp42 42 gpio, uart2(rxd), uart0(cts), tdm(int7), tdm-1(timer),
mpp43 43 gpio, uart2(txd), uart0(rts), spi(cs3), pcie(rstout),
mpp44 44 gpio, uart2(cts), uart3(rxd), spi(cs4), pcie(clkreq2),
mpp45 45 gpio, uart2(rts), uart3(txd), spi(cs5), sata1(prsnt)
mpp46 46 gpio, uart3(rts), uart1(rts), spi(cs6), sata0(prsnt)
mpp47 47 gpio, uart3(cts), uart1(cts), spi(cs7), pcie(clkreq3),
mpp48 48 gpio, tclk, dev(burst/last)
* Marvell Armada XP (mv78260 and mv78460 only)
name pins functions
mpp49 49 gpio, dev(we3)
mpp50 50 gpio, dev(we2)
mpp51 51 gpio, dev(ad16)
mpp52 52 gpio, dev(ad17)
mpp53 53 gpio, dev(ad18)
mpp54 54 gpio, dev(ad19)
mpp55 55 gpio, dev(ad20), vdd(cpu0-pd)
mpp56 56 gpio, dev(ad21), vdd(cpu1-pd)
mpp57 57 gpio, dev(ad22), vdd(cpu2-3-pd){1}
mpp58 58 gpio, dev(ad23)
mpp59 59 gpio, dev(ad24)
mpp60 60 gpio, dev(ad25)
mpp61 61 gpio, dev(ad26)
mpp62 62 gpio, dev(ad27)
mpp63 63 gpio, dev(ad28)
mpp64 64 gpio, dev(ad29)
mpp65 65 gpio, dev(ad30)
mpp66 66 gpio, dev(ad31)
* {1} vdd(cpu2-3-pd) only available on mv78460.