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-m conntrack --ctstate NEW;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctstate NEW,ESTABLISHED;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctstate NEW,RELATED,ESTABLISHED;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctstate INVALID;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctstate UNTRACKED;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctstate SNAT,DNAT;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctstate wrong;;FAIL
# should we convert this to output "tcp" instead of 6?
-m conntrack --ctproto tcp;-m conntrack --ctproto 6;OK
-m conntrack --ctorigsrc;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctorigdst;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctreplsrc;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctrepldst;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctexpire 0;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctexpire 4294967295;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctexpire 0:4294967295;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctexpire 42949672956;;FAIL
-m conntrack --ctexpire -1;;FAIL
-m conntrack --ctdir ORIGINAL;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctdir REPLY;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctstatus NONE;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctstatus CONFIRMED;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctstatus ASSURED;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctstatus EXPECTED;=;OK
-m conntrack --ctstatus SEEN_REPLY;=;OK
-m conntrack;;FAIL