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2005-03-18 Stephen Hemminger <>
* add -force option to batch mode
* handle midline comments in batch mode
* sum per cpu fields in lnstat correctly
2005-03-14 Stephen Hemminger <>
* cleanup batch mode, allow continuation, comments etc.
* recode reuse of netlink socket
2005-03-14 Boian Bonev <>
* enhancement to batch mode.
it does not exit on error, just report it
tc reuses the already open netlink socket for subsequent command(s)
2005-03-14 Thomas Graf <>
* ip link command
print NO-CARRIER flag if there is no carrier and the link is up.
2005-03-14 Patrick McHardy <>
* bug: Use USER_HZ where necessary
2005-03-10 Jamal Hadi Salim <>
* Fix bug with register_target
2005-03-10 Stephen Hemminger <>
* fix pkt_cls.h to have tc_u32_mark
* update include files to be stripped versions of 2.6.11
* add documentation about netem distributions [from nistnet]
* turn off nup in document make [from FC3]
* don't build with extra debug info (-g) [from FC3]
2005-03-10 Nix <>
* make man3 directory
2005-03-10 Pasi <>
* add ESP-in-UDP encapsulation
2005-03-10 Thomas Graf <>
* [NETEM] Fix off by one
* update local header file copies
* [NEIGH] print number of probes done so far (statistics mode only)
2005-03-10 Herbert Xu <>
* Trivial typo in ip help
2005-02-09 Stephen Hemminger <>
* netem distribution data reorganization
2005-02-09 Roland Dreier <>
* ip over infiniband address display
2005-02-09 Jim Gifford <>
* make install fix for ip/
2005-02-07 Mads Martin Joergensen <>
* Don't mix address families when flushing
2005-02-07 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Validate classid is not too large to cause loss of bits.
2005-02-07 Jean-Marc Ranger <>
* need to call getline() with null for first usage
* don't overwrite const arg
2005-02-07 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Add experimental distribution
2005-01-18 Yun Mao <>
* typo in ss
2005-01-18 Thomas Graf <>
* tc pedit/action cleanups
* add addraw_l
* rtattr_parse cleanups
2005-01-17 Jamal Hadi Salim <>
* typo in m_mirred
* add support for pedit
2005-01-13 Jim Gifford <>
* Fix allocation size error in nomal and paretonormal generation
2005-01-12 Masahide Nakamura <>
* ipmonitor shows IPv6 prefix list notification
* update to iproute2 xfrm for ipv6
2005-01-12 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Fix compile warnings when building 64bit system since
u64 is unsigned long, but format is %llu
2005-01-12 "Catalin(ux aka Dino) BOIE" <>
* Add the possibility to use fwmark in u32 filters
2005-01-12 Andi Kleen <>
* Add netlink manual page
2004-10-20 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Add warning about "ip route nat" no longer supported
2005-01-12 Thomas Graf <>
* Tc testsuite
2005-01-12 Jamal Hadi Salim <>
* Add iptables tc support. This meant borrowing headers
from iptables *ugh*
2004-12-08 Jamal Hadi Salim <>
* Add mirror and redirect actions
2004-10-20 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Don't include <asm/byteorder.h> since then we get dependant on
kernel headers on host machine
* Minor fix for building on old machine without IPPROTO_SCTP
2004-10-19 Harald Welte <>
* Replace rtstat (and ctstat) with new lnstat
2004-10-19 Mads Martin Joergensen <>
* Ip is using the wrong structure in ipaddress.c when showing stats
* Make sure no buffer overflow in nstat
2004-10-19 Michal <>
* fix scaling in print_rates (for bits)
2004-09-28 Stephen Hemminger <>
* fix build problems with arpd and pthread
* add pkt_sched.h
2004-09-28 Mike Frysinger <>
* make man8 directory
* install ifcfg and rtpr scripts
2004-09-28 Andreas Haumer <>
* make install symlink fix.
2004-09-28 Masahide Nakamura <>
* ICMP/ICMPv6's type and code in IPsec selector.
* fixes `ip xfrm`'s algorithm key when using hexadecimal
* support 'ip xfrm' protocol types
* flush message types for XFRM's policy/state
2004-09-01 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Fix ip command to not crash when interface name is too long.
always use strncpy(.., IFNAMSIZ)
2004-08-31 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Add gact documentation from jamal
* Chang more arguments to rtnetlink API const
* Drop dead queuing disciplines
* Handle qdisc without xstats in core rather than
putting stub's everywhere
* Add requeue to tc_stats and handle new/old ABI issues
2004-08-30 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Make clean and install changes for man pages
* Patch from jamal to support gact
* Add support for loading distributions to netem
2004-08-23 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Update from jamal for all the parts that got broken in the
last classification patch.
* Hfsc/sc patch from patrick
2004-08-13 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Add jamal's tc extensions for classification
* Get rid of old Patches/ directory for tcp_diag module
* Make get_rate table based.
2004-08-11 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Add xfrm message formatting from
Masahide Nakamura <>
2004-08-09 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Fix netem scheduler to handle case where psched us != real us
* Remove configuration for everything that can depend on
extracted kernel headers
* Add kernel headers required to include/linux
2004-08-04 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Get rid of old tcp_diag module, it is part of kernel.
* Add some kernel include files back (netlink, tcp_diag, pkt_sched)
2004-07-30 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Make ip xfrm stuff config option since it doesn't exist on 2.4
* HFSC doesn't exist on older 2.4 kernels so make it configurable
* HTB API changed and won't build with mismatched version.
Rather than sticking user with a build error, just don't
build it in on mismatch.
* Change configure script to make sure netem is the correct
version. I changed the structure def. a couple of times before
settling on the final API
2004-07-16 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Add htb mpu support
* Three small xfrm updates
2004-07-07 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Fix if_ether.h to fix arpd build
* Add hfsc scheduler support
* Add ip xfrm support
* Add add jitter (instead of rate) to netem scheduler
2004-07-02 Stephen Hemminger <>
* use compile to test for ATM libraries
* put TC layered scheduler hooks in /usr/lib/tc as shared lib
before it looked in standard search path (/lib;/usr/lib;...)
which seems out of place.
* build netem as shared library (more for testing/example)
* build ATM as shared library since libatm may be on build
machine but not on deployment machine
* fix make install to not install SCCS directories
2004-07-01 Stephen Hemminger <>
* add more link options to ip command (from Mark Smith
* add rate and duplicate arguments to tc command
* add -iec flag for tc printout
* rename delay scheduler to netem
2004-06-25 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Add loss parameter to delay
* Rename delay qdisc to netsim
* Add autoconfiguration by building a Config file
and using it.
2004-06-09 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Report rates in K=1000 (requested by several people)
* Add GNU long style options
* For HTB use get_hz to pick up value of system HZ at runtime
* Delete unused funcs.
2004-06-08 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Cleanup ss
- use const char and local functions where possible
* Add man pages from SuSe
* SuSE patches
- path to db4.1
- don't hardcode path to /tmp in ifstat
Alternat fix: was to use TMPDIR
- handle non-root user calling ip route flush going into
an infinite loop.
Alternate fix: was to timeout if route table doesn't empty.
* Try and get rid of dependency on kernel include files
Get rid of having private glibc-include headers
2004-06-07 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Import patches that make sense from Fedora Core 2
- iproute2-2.4.7-hex
print fwmark in hex
- iproute2-2.4.7-netlink
handle getting right netlink mesg back
- iproute2-2.4.7-htb3-tc
add HTB scheduler
- iproute2-2.4.7-default
add entry default to rttable
2004-06-04 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Add support for vegas info to ss
2004-06-02 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Use const char in utility routines where appropriate
* Rearrange include files so can build with standard headers
* For "tc qdisc ls" see the default queuing discpline "pfifo_fast"
and understand it
* Get rid of private defintions of network headers which existed
only to handle old glibc
2004-04-15 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Add the delay (network simulation scheduler)
2004-04-15 Stephen Hemminger <>
* Starting point baseline based on iproute2-2.4.7-ss020116-try