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Original FTP site is:
How to compile this.
1. Look at start of Makefile and set correct values for:
KERNEL_INCLUDE should point to correct linux kernel include directory.
Default (/usr/src/linux/include) is right as rule.
arpd needs to have the db4 development libraries. For debian
users this is the package with a name like libdb4.x-dev.
DBM_INCLUDE points to the directory with db_185.h which
is the include file used by arpd to get to the old format Berkely
database routines. Often this is in the db-devel package.
2. make
The makefile will automatically build a file Config which
contains whether or not ATM is available, etc.
3. To make documentation, cd to doc/ directory , then
look at start of Makefile and set correct values for
PAGESIZE=a4 , ie: a4 , letter ... (string)
PAGESPERPAGE=2 , ie: 1 , 2 ... (numeric)
and make there. It assumes, that latex, dvips and psnup
are in your path.
Stephen Hemminger
Alexey Kuznetsov