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Kernel code and interface.
* Compile time switches
There is only one, but very important, compile time switch.
It is not settable by "make config", but should be selected
manually and after a bit of thinking in <include/net/pkt_sched.h>
PSCHED_CLOCK_SOURCE can take three values:
Default setting is the most conservative PSCHED_GETTIMEOFDAY.
It is very slow both because of weird slowness of do_gettimeofday()
and because it forces code to use unnatural "timeval" format,
where microseconds and seconds fields are separate.
Besides that, it will misbehave, when delays exceed 2 seconds
(f.e. very slow links or classes bounded to small slice of bandwidth)
To resume: as only you will get it working, select correct clock
source and forget about PSCHED_GETTIMEOFDAY forever.
Clock is derived from jiffies. On architectures with HZ=100
granularity of this clock is not enough to make reasonable
bindings to real time. However, taking into account Linux
architecture problems, which force us to use artificial
integrated clock in any case, this switch is not so bad
for schduling even on high speed networks, though policing
is not reliable.
It is available only for alpha and pentiums with correct
CPU timestamp. It is the fastest way, use it when it is available,
but remember: not all pentiums have this facility, and
a lot of them have clock, broken by APM etc. etc.