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! 1. Compile with rh-7.2
! 2. What the hell some people blame on socklen_t defined in unistd.h? Check.
* Kim Woelders <>, various useful fixups: compilation
with old kernels, cross-compiling, "all" == "any" in prefix spec.
* Collected from my disk, cleaned and packed to directory iproute2/misc/
several utilities: ss, nstat, ifstat, rtacct, arpd and module tcp_diag.
Writing some docs. me.
* prepared patchlet for pidentd to use tcp_diag.
* David Miller: 64bit (and even worse 64bit kernel/32 bit user :-) fixes
to above. tcp_diag is merged to main tree.
* Alexandr D. Kanevskiy <>: various flaws in ss
* Alexandr D. Kanevskiy <>: oops, more aggressive caching
of names opened old bugs: ip started to print garbage in some places.
* Robert Olsson, rt_cache_stat. Renamed to rtstat.
* An old bug in "ip maddr ls": reduntant empty lines in output.
Seeing this crap for ages but lucky match of desire/ability to repair
and a huff about this happened only today. :-)
* "Mr. James W. Laferriere" <>
doc: option to produce ps output for non-a4 and not only 2 pages/sheet.
* Jamal's patch for ingres qdisc.
* Bernd Eckenfels <>: deleted orphaned bogus #include
in include/utils.h.
* Julian Anastasov <>: uninitialized fields in nexthop
producing funny "dead" nexthops in multipath routes.
Stupid me, look at the first line in [010803]... Was it difficult to guess
this that time? People blame for several months. :-)
Special thanks to bert hubert <> who raised the issue in netdev.
Thanks and apologies to Terry Schmidt <>,
Ruben Puettmann <>,
Mark Ivens <>.
* willy tarreau <>: "make install" target.
* Tunable limit for sch_sfq. Patch to kernel activating this
is about to be submitted. Reminded by Adi Nugroho <>.
* ip address add sets scope of loopback addreses to "host".
Advised by David Miller.
* ZIP! <> and David Ford <>
Some strcpy's changed to strncpy's.
* David Ford <>, test for compilation with gcc3.
* David Ford <>. Damn, I broke rtnl_talk in previous
* If "dev" is not specified in multipath route, ifindex remained
uninitialized. Grr. Thanks to Kunihiro Ishiguro <>.
* Rafal Maszkowski <>, batch mode tc. The most old patch.
* Updates list of data protocol ids.
Lots of reporters. I bring my apologies.
* Jan Rekorajski <>. Updated list of datalink types.
* Christina Chen <>. Bug in parsing IPv6 address match in u32.
* Pekka Savola <>. ip -6 route flush dev lo stuck
on deleting root of the table.
* Werner. dsmark fixes.
* Alexander Demenshin <>. Old miracleous bug
in ip monitor. It was puzzle, people permanently blame that
it prints some crap.
* Rui Prior <>. f_route failed to resolve fromif.
Werner also noticed this and sent patch. Bad place... [RETHINK]
* Kim Woelders <>.
- changes in Makefile for cross-compile
- understand "all" as alias for "any"
- bug in iprule.c
! [ NB. Also he sent patch for kernel. Do not forget! ]
* Werner. Fix to tc core files: wrong exits etc.
* Bernd Jendrissek <>. Some sanitizations of tc.c
!* Marian Jancar <>. He say q_tbf prints wrong latency!
! Seems, he is wrong.
* Werner (and Nikolai Vladychevski <>) check ->print_copts
to avoid segfault.
* Compiles under rh-7.0
* Sorry. I have lost all the CVS with changes made since 000305.
If someone sent me a patch after this date, please, resubmit.
Restored from the last backup and mailboxes:
* Edit ip-cref.tex by raf <>.
* IFLA_MASTER support.
* Bug in rtnl_talk(), libnetlink.c. Reported by David P. Olshfski
* Bugs in RESOLVE_HOSTNAMES. Bratislav Ilich <>
* ECN in q_red.c.
* diffserv update from Jamal Hadi Salim
* Some bits of IPX from Steve Whitehouse.
* ATM qdisc from Werner Almesberger
* Support for new attributes on routes in linux-2.3.
No news, only several bugs are fixed.
* Since ss990630 "ip rule list" printed wrong prefix length.
Vladimir V. Ivanov <>
* "ip rule" parsed >INT_MAX values of metric incorrectly.
Matthew G. Marsh <>
* Some improvements in doc/Makefile advised by
Andi Kleen and Werner Almesberger.
* new attributes in "ip route": rtt, rttvar, cwnd, ssthresh and advmss.
* some updates in documentaion to reflect new status.
* DiffServ support.
Werner Almesberger <>
Jamal Hadi Salim <>
* DECnet support.
Steve Whitehouse <>
* Some minor tweaks in docs and code.
* routel script. Stephen R. van den Berg <>
* Bug in tc/q_prio.c resetting priomap. Reported by
Ole Husgaard <> and
Jan Kasprzak <>
* IP command reference manual is published (ip-cref.tex).
I am sorry, but tc-cref.tex is still not ready, to be more
exact the draft does not describe current tc 8-)
* ip, rtmon, rtacct utilities are updated according to manual 8-)
Lots of changes:
- (MAIN) "flush" command for addr, neigh and route.
- error messages are sanitized; now it does not print
usage() page on each error.
- output format is improved.
- "oneline" mode is added.
- etc.
* Name databases; resolution acsii <-> numeric is split out to lib/*
* scripts ifcfg, ifone and rtpr.
* examples/dhcp-client-script is copied from my patch to ISC dhcp.
* Makefile in doc/ directory.
* "pmtudisc" flag to "ip tunnel". Phil Karn <>
* bug in tc/q_tbf.c preventing setting peak_rate, Martin Mares <>
* doc/flowlabels.tex
* This snapshot fixes some compatibility problems, which I introduced
occasionally to previous snapshots.
* Namely, "allot" to "tc qdisc add ... cbq" is accepted but ignored.
* Another changes are supposed to be shown in the next snapshot, but
because of troubles with "allot" I am forced to release premature
version. Namely, "cell", "prio", "weight" etc. are optional now.
* doc/ip-tunnels.tex
* History was not recorded.
* Rani Assaf <> contributed resolving
addresses to names.
* now it should compile for any libc.