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Here are a few quick points about DECnet support...
o iproute2 is the tool of choice for configuring the DECnet support for
Linux. For many features, it is the only tool which can be used to
configure them.
o No name resolution is available as yet, all addresses must be
entered numerically.
o Remember to set the hardware address of the interface using:
ip link set ethX address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
(where xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is the MAC address for your DECnet node
if your Ethernet card won't listen to more than one unicast
mac address at once. If the Linux DECnet stack doesn't talk to
any other DECnet nodes, then check this with tcpdump and if its
a problem, change the mac address (but do this _before_ starting
any other network protocol on the interface)
o Whilst you can use ip addr add to add more than one DECnet address to an
interface, don't expect addresses which are not the same as the
kernels node address to work properly with 2.4 kernels. This should
be fine with 2.6 kernels as the routing code has been extensively
modified and improved.
o The DECnet support is currently self contained. It does not depend on
the libdnet library.
Steve Whitehouse <>