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OMAP SoC AES crypto Module
Required properties:
- compatible : Should contain entries for this and backward compatible
AES versions:
- "ti,omap2-aes" for OMAP2.
- "ti,omap3-aes" for OMAP3.
- "ti,omap4-aes" for OMAP4 and AM33XX.
Note that the OMAP2 and 3 versions are compatible (OMAP3 supports
more algorithms) but they are incompatible with OMAP4.
- ti,hwmods: Name of the hwmod associated with the AES module
- reg : Offset and length of the register set for the module
- interrupts : the interrupt-specifier for the AES module.
Optional properties:
- dmas: DMA specifiers for tx and rx dma. See the DMA client binding,
- dma-names: DMA request names should include "tx" and "rx" if present.
/* AM335x */
aes: aes@53500000 {
compatible = "ti,omap4-aes";
ti,hwmods = "aes";
reg = <0x53500000 0xa0>;
interrupts = <102>;
dmas = <&edma 6>,
<&edma 5>;
dma-names = "tx", "rx";