tc(8): Negative indent and missing "-" after an escape

<groff: tc.8>:51: warning: total indent cannot be negative
<groff: tc.8>:57: warning: escape character ignored before `i'


Space at end of line removed

  General considerations

a) Manuals should usually only be left justified.  Use ".ad l"
as the first regular command.

b) Each sentence should begin on a new line.  The conventions
about the amount of space between sentences are different.  This
also makes a check on the number of space characters between
words easier.

c) Separate numbers from units with a (no-break) space.  A
no-break space can be code 0xA0, "\ " (\<space>), or "\~"

d) Use macros "TS/TE" for tables with more than two columns.
Then use

'\" t

as the first line in the source to tell "man" to use the "tbl"

e) Protect last period (full stop) in abbreviations with "\&",
if it is or might be (through new formatting of source) at the
end of line, if it is also not an end of sentence.


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Signed-off-by: Andreas Henriksson <>
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