iproute2: add man page for mqprio

Signed-off-by: John Fastabend <john.r.fastabend@intel.com>
Acked-by: Neil Horman <nhorman@tuxdriver.com>
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+.TH MQPRIO 8 "24 Sept 2013" "iproute2" "Linux"
+MQPRIO \- Multiqueue Priority Qdisc (Offloaded Hardware QOS)
+.B tc qdisc ... dev
+.B  ( parent
+.B | root) [ handle
+.B ] mqprio [ numtc
+.B ] [ map
+P0 P1 P2...
+.B ] [ queues
+count1@offset1 count2@offset2 ...
+.B ] [ hw
+.B ]
+The MQPRIO qdisc is a simple queuing discipline that allows mapping
+traffic flows to hardware queue ranges using priorities and a configurable
+priority to traffic class mapping. A traffic class in this context is
+a set of contiguous qdisc classes which map 1:1 to a set of hardware
+exposed queues.
+By default the qdisc allocates a pfifo qdisc (packet limited first in, first
+out queue) per TX queue exposed by the lower layer device. Other queuing
+disciplines may be added subsequently. Packets are enqueued using the
+.B map
+parameter and hashed across the indicated queues in the
+.B offset
+.B count.
+By default these parameters are configured by the hardware
+driver to match the hardware QOS structures.
+Enabled hardware can provide hardware QOS with the ability to steer
+traffic flows to designated traffic classes provided by this qdisc.
+Configuring the hardware based QOS mechanism is outside the scope of
+this qdisc. Tools such as
+.B lldpad
+.B ethtool
+exist to provide this functionality. Also further qdiscs may be added
+to the classes of MQPRIO to create more complex configurations.
+On creation with 'tc qdisc add', eight traffic classes are created mapping
+priorities 0..7 to traffic classes 0..7 and priorities greater than 7 to
+traffic class 0. This requires base driver support and the creation will
+fail on devices that do not support hardware QOS schemes.
+These defaults can be overridden using the qdisc parameters. Providing
+the 'hw 0' flag allows software to run without hardware coordination.
+If hardware coordination is being used and arguments are provided that
+the hardware can not support then an error is returned. For many users
+hardware defaults should work reasonably well.
+As one specific example numerous Ethernet cards support the 802.1Q
+link strict priority transmission selection algorithm (TSA). MQPRIO
+enabled hardware in conjunction with the classification methods below
+can provide hardware offloaded support for this TSA.
+Multiple methods are available to set the SKB priority which MQPRIO
+uses to select which traffic class to enqueue the packet.
+From user space
+A process with sufficient privileges can encode the destination class
+directly with SO_PRIORITY, see
+.BR socket(7).
+with iptables/nftables
+An iptables/nftables rule can be created to match traffic flows and
+set the priority.
+.BR iptables(8)
+with net_prio cgroups
+The net_prio cgroup can be used to set the priority of all sockets
+belong to an application. See kernel and cgroup documentation for details.
+Number of traffic classes to use upto 16 classes supported.
+The priority to traffic class map. Maps priorities 0..15 to a specified
+traffic class.
+Provide count and offset of queue range for each traffic class. In the
+.B count@offset.
+Queue ranges for each traffic classes cannot overlap and must be a
+contiguous range of queues.
+Set to
+.B 1
+to use hardware QOS defaults. Set to
+.B 0
+to override hardware defaults with user specified values.
+John Fastabend, <john.r.fastabend@intel.com>
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 .BR tc-hfsc (7),
 .BR tc-hfsc (8),
 .BR tc-htb (8),
+.BR tc-mqprio (8),
 .BR tc-pfifo (8),
 .BR tc-pfifo_fast (8),
 .BR tc-red (8),