rtnl_wilddump_request: fix alignment issue for embedded platforms

Platforms have different alignment requirements which need to be
fulfilled by the compiler. If the structure elements are already
4 byte (NLMGS_ALIGNTO) aligned by the compiler adding an explicit
padding element (align_rta) is not allowed.
Use __attribute__ ((aligned (NLMSG_ALIGNTO))) in order to achieve
the required alignment.
Experienced on ARM (xscale) with symptom
  netlink: 12 bytes leftover after parsing attributes

Tested on:
  ARM      (32bit Big Endian)
  PowerPC  (32bit Big Endian)
  x86_64   (64bit Little Endian)
Each with different aligment requirments.

Signed-off-by: Lutz Jaenicke <ljaenicke@innominate.com>
1 file changed