Merge tag 'v5.2.4'

Sync with upstream.

* tag 'v5.2.4': (59 commits)
  Bump version and soname for 5.2.4.
  extra/scanlzma: Fix compiler warnings.
  Add NEWS for 5.2.4.
  Update THANKS.
  nothrow: use noexcept for C++11 and newer
  liblzma: Remove incorrect #ifdef from range_common.h.
  Update THANKS.
  tuklib_integer: New Intel C compiler needs immintrin.h.
  Update THANKS.
  Windows: Fix paths in VS project files.
  Windows: Add project files for VS2017.
  Windows: Move VS2013 files into windows/vs2013 directory.
  Fix or hide warnings from GCC 7's -Wimplicit-fallthrough.
  Docs: Fix a typo in a comment in doc/examples/02_decompress.c.
  xz: Fix "xz --list --robot missing_or_bad_file.xz".
  Build: Omit pre-5.0.0 entries from the generated ChangeLog.
  Update the Git repository URL to HTTPS in ChangeLog.
  Update the home page URLs to HTTPS.
  xz: Use POSIX_FADV_RANDOM for in "xz --list" mode.
  liblzma: Fix lzma_memlimit_set(strm, 0).