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Building XZ Utils for DOS
This document explains how to build XZ Utils for DOS using DJGPP.
The resulting binaries should run at least on various DOS versions
and under Windows 95/98/98SE/ME, although the Windows version of
XZ Utils is recommended under Windows 95 and later.
This is currently experimental and has got very little testing.
Note: Makefile and config.h are updated only now and then. This
means that especially if you checked out a development version,
building for DOS probably won't work without updating Makefile
and config.h first.
Getting and Installing DJGPP
You may use <> to help
deciding what to download, but as of writing (2010-10-09) that may
not be the most convenient way taking into account what components
are actually required to build XZ Utils. However, using the
zip-picker can still be worth doing to get nice short summary of
installation instructions (they can be found from readme.1st too).
For a more manual method, first select a mirror from
<>. You need
the following files:
unzip32.exe (if you don't already have a LFN-capable unzipper)
If newer versions are available, probably you should try them first.
Note that is too old to build XZ Utils; you need at
least Also note that you want even if you
run under Windows or DOSEMU, because the XZ Utils Makefile will embed
cwsdstub.exe to the resulting binaries.
See the instructions in readme.1st found from Here's
a short summary, but you should still read readme.1st.
C:\> mkdir DJGPP
C:\> cd DJGPP
C:\DJGPP> c:\download\unzip32 c:\download\
C:\DJGPP> c:\download\unzip32 c:\download\
C:\DJGPP> c:\download\unzip32 c:\download\
C:\DJGPP> c:\download\unzip32 c:\download\
C:\DJGPP> c:\download\unzip32 c:\download\
You may want to add the last two lines into AUTOEXEC.BAT or have,
for example, DJGPP.BAT which you can run before using DJGPP.
Make sure you use completely upper case path in the DJGPP environment
variable. This is not required by DJGPP, but the XZ Utils Makefile is
a bit stupid and expects that everything in DJGPP environment variable
is uppercase.
You need to have an environment that supports long filenames (LFN).
Once you have built XZ Utils, the resulting binaries can be run
without long filename support.
Run "make" in this directory (the directory containing this README).
You should get xz.exe (and a bunch of temporary files). Other tools
are not built. Having e.g. xzdec.exe doesn't save much space compared
to xz.exe, because the DJGPP runtime makes the .exe quite big anyway.